Looking for a trip with a difference?

At Off Track, we've converted a Ford Transit into a luxury campervan which you can rent and explore Ireland at your leisure. Whether you're a seasoned campervanner or this will be your first time, our campervan is the perfect home on wheels to take you to every corner of our beautiful country.

This isn't camping...it's not even glamping

  • Double bed
  • Flushing toilet
  • Hot shower
  • Automatic thermostat heating
  • Refrigerator & Hob
  • Projector & Bluetooth Speaker
  • Nespresso Machine

What more could you want?


Is there a minimum rental period?
The minimum rental is three days.
How many people can fit?
We recommend a maximum of two adults and one child.
Where can I travel?
Anywhere on the island of Ireland.
How much does it cost?
Prices vary depending on season. But the rates are very competitive.
Who can drive the van?
Anyone over 25 with a full drivers license.
Is it difficult to drive a van?
No, if you're comfortable driving a car, you will be fine in the van. Parking and reversing can be a bit tricky but the van has beepers on the front ant back and a reversing camera to help with that.
Where should we park the van at night?
You can park in a campsite or you can simply find any public space to park (known as wild camping). For first-timers, we recommend a campsite.

Extra Features

  • 2.5m Awning - to protect from the rain or the sun
  • Concealed Safe - to protect your belongings while out and about
  • Large Outdoor Chairs and Picnic Table - to eat and drink outside
  • Electric Hookup - to plug in at a campsite
  • Foldup BBQ - to enjoy some outdoor sizzling
  • Levellers - to level out the van if you're parking on an uneven surface
  • Fold out Fire Pit - to sit around and tell ghost stories

What more could you want?

What people are saying

It looks better than the factory built campervans.
Holy Sh*t.
That is insane! I'm obsessed!
The materials are all such high quality
This is nicer than the kitchen in my house

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